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Super Classic Sling Black HC

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The Super Classic Sling is a streamlined way to carry full-size mirrorless and SLR/DSLR cameras using heavy lenses. It incorporates a tailored design, internal Control-Stretch system and Comfort-Stretch binding. The sling has a non-slip backing which keeps it securely on your shoulder at all times. It is attached via our Uni-Loop Connectors – which are minimalist in nature and keep as little hardware remaining on the camera as possible. The neoprene body offers the perfect balance of give for shock absorption and support for heavy loads.


Product details //

• Rapid gliding motion brings your camera quickly into position
• Neoprene pad with internal Control-Stretch system evenly distributes weight, absorbs shock
• Can be worn on either right or left shoulder
• Quick Adjust feature changes length instantly
• Tripod connection remains free for use The connectors glide smoothly up or down the sling for rapid access and attachment to a camera’s normal connection areas – no need to give up tripod mount. This keeps camera in a more accessible position instead of hanging upside down – which can put unnecessary torque on the camera housing and lens mount area. An adjustable “stopper” lets the photographer configure the position where the camera hangs best. The Quick Disconnects allow user to change from a sling configuration to a more conventional neck/shoulder strap by simply attaching the Extension Connectors by OP//TECH (sold separately). Quick Adjust allows the sling to be instantly shortened or lengthened as desired. Recommended Comfort Load*: Up to 15 lbs (6.8kg)
Tensile Strength Each Uni-Loop Connector: 146lbs (66kg)
Carry Style: Shoulder
# of Connection Points: One or Two
Connection Type: Uni-Loop**
Strap Length: 25″–36″ (63.5cm–91.4cm)
Pad Dimensions: 2″ x 15″ (5cm x 38.1cm)
Quick Disconnects: Yes
Materials: Neoprene pad with non-slip backing, nylon webbing and leather tabs
Webbing Width: 3/4″
Made in the USA: Yes
* Note: The weight of an item is often perceived as being much heavier than the actual weight. The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.
** One Uni-Loop Connector is sufficient for supporting a camera.

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